Sywell Country Park

Rating: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Written by: The Mother Tripper

3rd Apr, 2021

📝 Description

Sywell is a fabulous place for all, often dog walkers fill the pathways with the occasional runner. The flat terrain is perfect for all and the walk around is not tooooo far! The main park is good but not huge so on a busy day can fill up quickly the other park hidden in the trees near to the top car park is brilliant with a pretty fast slide and lots of tunnels to explore.

📅 Date visited

18th Nov, 2020

🗺 Location

Sywell Country Park, Washbrook Ln, Ecton, Northampton NN6 0QX

⏰ Time spent

2.5 hours

🚗 Travel

20min ish drive from Kettering. It was really busy at 10am this morning just managed to find a space. I’ve been on weekends and it’s been incredibly busy too. There are two car parks and you can usually find one in either. 

💰 Cost

£3.80 for parking 

🍴 Facilities

Toilets are located in the lower car park and are open one family per entry. There is a small soft play area which is closed at the moment but I have heard is usually quiet. A cafe serving refreshments reasonably priced and outdoor seating. 

🚜 Activities

The walk around the reservoir is fairly flat. Pushchair friendly, with benches dotted around. A few Wooden areas to explore and areas you can get close to the water. I find it one of those walks that you look at and think doesn’t take long but it’s actually a little deceiving! It usually takes me with the kids around 2 hours. But today I didn’t walk the reservoir.  Today I was shown the “ secret “ play area hidden amongst the trees between the top and bottom car parks! Couldn’t believe it was there and so easy to not realise. It’s really cool!! Puddle suits required but a muddy natural area to explore. A great slide, lots of tunnels leading to all sorts of places! There is wooden animals hidden amongst the trees to spot, a climbing frame, and also lots of wooden balancing beams through the trees.  The other play area is really great in the summer but even on a cold winters day it is a nice park. The ground is sand and we liked to hide conkers and find them again. Around the edge is climbing. There is 2 apparatus both with slides one larger more challenging but this was closed. The other was perfect for older toddlers and preschoolers with a slide and sand play equipment. There is also swings, mini roundabout, sit on aeroplane and a scoop digger.  The ducks are usually around the water station at the reservoir in the summer many pop in for a paddle but we didn’t fancy it today!

🌻 Mother tripper tips

We never knew the play area in the trees existed so defo take a visit. I learnt after speaking with a volunteer/staff member today about the mushrooms on the trees. Take a look at the dead trees lieing around and you’ll spot loads they are amazing! All areas except play areas are dog friendly too. 

ℹ Additional information

Covid procedures: hand sanitiser before entering the park areas but when I went to use it was empty, so worth remembering your own. Parts of the play equipment are closed but unsure if that’s for refurbishment rather than covid. Easy to socially distance around the walk around the lake.