Silverstone Lapland

Rating: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Written by: The Mother Tripper

3rd Apr, 2021

📝 Description

A unique driving experience... a very honest review of the Lapland lights & cinema. I am very grateful to be given these opportunities this was a gifted experience so technically an AD. But I will always be honest and explain my own personal experience. 

📅 Date visited

9th Dec, 2020

🗺 Location

Silverstone circuit, Towcester NN12 8TN

⏰ Time spent

1.5 hours 

🚗 Travel

Fairly easy roads to get to took under an hour from Kettering in rush hour traffic. Plenty of parking if needing the toilet. Very well organised on arrival, if you are driving around the track and have the opportunity to take an automatic car do so! 5mph for 30minutes on the clutch

💰 Cost

£35 for lights £15 for cinema both £50 - This is where I am torn with my review I think it’s on the pricey side. However if I compare it to a meal for four at a restaurant then it’s a good experience that I haven’t done before! For transparency we were #gifted the tickets. 

🍴 Facilities

Toilets on arrival to the circuit you MUST use these before entering the circuit as there is no stopping on the track the circuit takes around 30 minutes. So for little ones encourage them to go. Food stall and merchandise such as flashing lights etc. At the cinema there is a burger/hotdog stand icecream popcorn etc. It is very expensive and well worth taking your own bag of popcorn to watch the movie. 

🚜 Activities

If you are a F1 or racing fan it’s very special to be able to drive on the track not many people can say they’ve done that! You drive past cars and motorbikes and being able to drive past the pit stops and be on the starting grid is just wow! Something amazing!  You tune into their radio station which is playing the typical Xmas songs but also has some shout out options and you can send your pictures in which is also very clever.  The lights are very pretty - it just seemed a little like something was missing in between them areas are quite dark with nothing going on. A great extra would be dancers or entertainers maybe? It has the potential to be out of this world!  There are snow globes with Christmas bits inside and of course Santa! But there wasn’t much else Christmassy decorations wise.  The elves were fantastic - wind down your window and shout out merry Christmas this made my daughters day!  It was my first drive in cinema experience - perfect film for little ones with it being short ( just a little steep on price £15 for the Snowman film ) it did lengthen the experience we took our own popcorn and I loved the games you can virtually join in. There are toilets here and also food BEHIND the screening.  Overall very well organised, friendly happy staff, a unique experience, extremely safe, good for all ages of the family. Just a little pricey! The kids really loved it especially Alfie being 2 he was mesmerised!

🌻 Mother tripper tips

Take your own snacks for the cinema, we did go to McDonald’s on the way home nearby it was incredibly busy everyone had the same idea! Take your time driving - you can’t overtake or rush - but try to take in what you can. If possible put little ones in the front when you get there. Could place car seat in the front. Open the windows and wave! Take any of your own glow sticks etc to make it that little more fun! 

ℹ Additional information

Covid procedures: if you are looking for something for ALL of the family then this will be the SAFEST experience to go to at present. You stay in your car the whole time and are not in contact with anybody else unless for a toilet stop. Which is fantastic in the current climate.