Little Harrowden Park

Rating: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Written by: The Mother Tripper

3rd Apr, 2021

📝 Description

Very small park, I would only recommend for toddlers!

📅 Date visited

28th Feb, 2021

🗺 Location

Main Street, Little Harrowden Northamptonshire NN9 5BA

⏰ Time spent

30 minutes in the park 30 Minutes at the stream

🚗 Travel

 I typed in the village hall parked here and then across the road and a small walk you’ll find the gated park. 

💰 Cost


🍴 Facilities

 No toilets. Benches. 

🚜 Activities

This is a really small park, there is only one apparatus which is aimed at toddlers great for my 2 year old with climbing tunnel and a slide. Too small for my 5 year old.  There is 2 baby swings and 2 normal swings. And 2 bouncy type things! A mini obstacle course. There is a goal for football games too.  The best thing about this park though is if you follow the track on the left of the park through the gates it’s a dog walking area we followed this and went down a hill and ended up at a stream. I wish we had wellies on as it was the perfect height for a paddle instead we played fishing instead.  I would only recommend going here for very little toddlers or if you wanted to go for a walk with the dog and a paddle in the stream.

🌻 Mother tripper tips

NO dogs inside the play area but the area behind is dog friendly. The plan was to team this visit with a trip to Wythmails Orlingbury but the queue looked big when I drove past and the kids moaned.. I will try again when they are happier!

ℹ Additional information

Pushchairs and wheelchair users are able to enter easily. No steps required it IS fully enclosed to!

Covid procedures: Take your own hand sanitiser