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Hollowell Pocket Park

Another beautiful park in rolling countryside, the location is the village who usually hos...

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Isham park

The hardest park by far to find! But once you know it is one you won't forget! Not a big p...

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Little Harrowden Park

Very small park, I would only recommend for toddlers!...

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Evans Park Barton Seagrave

I wasn’t going to share as it is not the biggest park. But I keep getting asked for recomm...

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Hello there!

I am a mum of two based in Kettering, Northamptonshire. My most treasured things in life (besides the obvious) are wellies, chocolate and flowers. My favourite trips out are outdoors in the open countryside. I love autumn it’s the best season, leaves dropping, pumpkin picking and hot chocolates!

The mother tripper gang consists of myself Jodie, husband James and children Evie (4) and Alfie (2). We also have a big dog called Diesel. As you can imagine both kids have their own ideas of a fun day out. Evie loves days out shopping, eating ice cream and theme park rides. Alfie loves muddy puddles, sand and climbing ... anything he can hurt himself on or get dirty! We all love animals so farm trips are always a hit. Occasionally my husband James joins us but he’s busy studying and working so it will often be me and the kids.

I have always loved the great outdoors but lockdown and getting older eek has given me a fresh perspective! Even on a rainy day you’ll still find us walking the dog, splashing in muddy puddles and exploring. Some of the best days I’ve had haven’t been in the sunshine and let’s face it living in England you need to I embrace the rain!

Truth be told. I take the kids out as they are always better behaved out the house than in the house! Nothing prepares your ears for sibling fights over the same toy that neither child really wants!!

What to expect from my blog

I know taking kids out can be pricey regular trips to the big theme parks attractions can be super expensive. I want to show you it doesn't have to be! There are so many lovely free trips around and great value attractions on our doorsteps. I have always used Facebook and Instagram following blogging accounts to find places to go. But even when I’ve decided to take a trip, I get the dreaded journey and car park fear! I have been known to drive somewhere and go home because I couldn't find an easy parking space! Rest assured my blogs will include tips and trips covering all bases including parking phobias and toilet facilities!

On the rare occasion we manage to ditch the kids, we try to find unique experiences to make the most of our time together. Segway racing, llama trekking and sky diving are amongst a few. I want to show you the more memorable of experiences, the ones that make you belly laugh with a little bit of wee…
Mother Tripper

I want to show you the more memorable of experiences, the ones that make you belly laugh with a little bit of wee…

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